How Do Solar Powered Water Pumps Work?

Whether it’s the soothing sound of a water fountain or a decorative accessory for your landscaping, a water feature adds a special touch to any garden or backyard. Water features can make small backyards seem more spacious and inviting. Adding a fountain to your pond or pool has some sound reduction benefits also. So if you live in a busy city, it can be an intelligent and stress-relieving way to cancel out noise.

Of course, water fountains have their drawbacks, too. Running a pump throughout most of the day adds a little bit to your carbon footprint, increasing your electricity use and adding a small charge to your monthly utility bills.

That’s where solar-powered garden equipment can really come in handy. Solar water pumps run completely off the energy of the sun—or a backup battery pack—so you’re not draining energy off the grid for a mostly decorative and soothing effect.

How solar powered water pumps work.

Your options for your sustainable equipment are about as wide and varied as a pond or water feature can be, so you’ll have plenty of options to beautify your garden—and improve your lawn’s environmental impact, too!

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