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Modern Merch is a fast-rising online store for smart gadgets – new generation wireless earbuds, IOS and Android compatible smartwatches, and external mobile chargers – that are a true definition of quality, luxe, and exclusivity. With similar choices for eCommerce vendors, read and compare ModernMerch reviews before making your purchase.

Brightsmile By ModernMerch

ModernMerch Brightsmile is an at-home LED teeth whitening product made of proprietary, enamel-safe ingredients that deliver brighter and whiter teeth in less than 10 minutes. Their cutting-edge LED whitening technology brightens your teeth immediately; however, 30 days of use make for the best results. 

ModernMerch Earbuds

If you love music and would like to enjoy it without any barrier, ModernMerch earbuds are your best bet. Its transmission level is 170 feet, which means you can move around without any interruption. The buds also have automatic Bluetooth connections. 

Modern Merch earbuds have impressive sound quality. They weigh only 5.3oz and fit comfortably, plus they stay in place when you are actively engaged, maybe exercising or some other activity. 

ModernMerch Smartwatch

The ModernMerch Smart Watch stands as one of the best available in the market. It is made from a high-quality alloy metal that is fit for the skin and leaves no reaction. Also, the band is made of silicone material, which makes it wearable. It can be easily adjusted without any convenience. Importantly, with a memory space of 128M+64M, you can save enough files and keep them.

ModernMerch Mobile Charger

ModernMerch Mobile chargers have a capacity of 10000mAh. The battery’s compact and slim design gives it superb portability. Also worth noting, the charger is safe to carry on a plane. 


Modern Merch was established in 2020 and has impressively been able to win the hearts of many with their products. Customers of Modern Merch also save cash when purchasing these products through their partnership OnMyWay app. On My Way users enjoy discounted prices on all products offered on the Modern Merch website.

ModernMerch includes live contacts & shipping protection on all orders. This means that lost, stolen, or broken items are covered.

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Average rating:  
 14 reviews
 by Devin S.
Loved ittt

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend ModernMerch smartwatch to a friend!

 by Shantell Jackson
Lightweight watch for good price

I just got my watch and so far it's great. I like that the watch face isn't too big on my wrist and the watch is very lightweight. I have WiFi and the heart rate monitor turned off and the battery lasts the full day. I like that this watch is waterproof also, which is perfect for kayaking and boating. I can't give this watch five stars because when I first ordered it, I had no communication for two weeks, before getting an email that my order had been cancelled with no further information. I reordered the watch and quickly received notification that it had shipped and received it within a week. Thanks ModernMerch!

 by Yahim Ashland
Very Nice Watch!! Great Value

A very nice watch works well with the features it has. ModernMerch has done a great on integrating ios and android features.

 by Onacona Murphy
Great multifaceted watch

Perfect watches especially for this price. Bought for my wife- she wanted smartwatches. Easy charging-no need to disconnect watches from strap and Battery holds up to 6-7 days. Easy navigation and comfortable wear.
Heart rate is pretty accurate and indicates when it is too high.
She likes it very much.

 by Mabeli Tejada
Great smart watch, excellent battery life. Awesome monitor

This is my first Morden Merch product. I like this watch a lot.
I found a 52 hours battery life with always on heart beat monitoring.I don't keep it connected to my mobile continuously.Good screen, so far seems solid. I liked it. It has so many features which I have not used, but I was searching for a inbuilt thermometer. And being able to use your own photo for a watch face is really impressive. The sleep tracking is accurate. I checked my bpm with my blood pressure machine and it seems perfectly accurate.

 by David W. Robinson
It Works Great

After using Mordern Merch White Advanced LED Whitening System for 5 days, I have noticed such an amazing difference in my smile. Each use you could see it get a shade lighter and brighter. The application process is very simple and the instructions are simple and to the point. Once on teeth, there was no sensitivity at all during or after, this was a huge bonus. The convenient timer beeps halfway through which is nice to let you know you are almost done. Such a fast and easy way to get professional whitening at home and with great results. I am extremely pleased with my experience using the Bright Smile and will most definitely be buying more. I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in a whiter smile.

 by Tyler C
Recommend this if looking for great quality and value for your money

I am beyond impressed with this smart watch. I have always been looking for a smartwatch that is affordable because I cannot afford the expensive Apple Watch or Samsung watch. I would like a watch with functions similar to Apple watch or Samsung watch. I came across Morden Merch watch and found it very satisfying. After few days of using it, it has not disappointed me at all. First, it accurately tracks my miles and steps when I work out after dinner these nights. Second, the mobile app is easy to use. I was first overwhelmed with all these new functions of the watch such as sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, but I later learned that it’s actually quite user-friendly and it only takes 30 mins for me to fully grasp the idea of how to use all these functions. Last thing is that the watch is very stylish and I do love it. My family complimented how good it looks on me! I am very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend others to have it. Much more inexpensive than Apple Watch and it has very good features! I will also come and buy Earbuds from them next week.

 by Luis Cruz
Very shiny, sound quality good.

I am very happy with the sound quality of these wireless earbuds. I've tried a lot of different wireless earbuds over the past couple of months. Many of them are bulky, have bad, tinny, sound or just didn't last very long when using for an extended period of time. I've had these Morden Merch Soundliberty earbuds for a couple weeks now and can say they are actually quite good and I am very happy with my purchase. They sound balanced and decent for the price and for what they are. I also like that the ear buds do not have tight rubber ear tips so I can hear my surroundings and they are super comfortable to have on for extended amounts of time. It fits my ear well but I can see how this may not fit everyone as people can have different ear shapes. Overall, these are a good buy if you are looking for a high quality set of earbuds, clear sounds and don't like the snug fitting silicon ear tips from many others you see on the market.

 by Bowie Harris
This watch is amazing!

I LOVE this watch! I have only ever had one other fitness tracking smartwatch and now that I have this one the old one seems like child’s play. Mordern Merch smartwatch is amazing. With this smartwatch, I can check my heart rate, set alarms, check my O2 level and so much more. I haven’t had it long but I am sure I will find more uses for it all the time.

The display is so sharp and clear and I was even able to put a photo of my daughter on there. The vibration for the alarm was strong enough to wake me up while not disturbing my wife sleeping next to me, which is good!

I bought this watch because a I had some Amazon Prime points to use and this watch had all good reviews. The only thing I don’t like is that I didn’t buy it sooner and wasted so much time with that other smartwatch. If you are on the fence about buying this watch, just do it, you won’t regret it.

I highly recommend Modern Merch smartwatch!!

 by Sequoyah Powel
Don’t waste time on other Earbuds, this is THE ONE!

Very good earbud. The appreance and functionality is perfect. I really like it. I like personally try different Earbud products. But Morden Merch earbud was one of my favorite. I bought this earbud because I had some earnings through OnMyWay app. I really recommend it. Cheap price , good product with high fuctionality.

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