Origin of UGG boots

You may have read about UGG boots and guessed where they were first made and why they are still in use. Here is a small review to inform you about its history and uses in today’s life:

UGG boots were first manufactured in Australia in the 19th century and have been used by people for decades since. Initially, UGG footwear was introduced as well-lined sheepskin boots that included wool padding and a wool ring at the front of the shoe that was worn to keep the wearer’s feet warm. These boots were used to keep feet warm in extremely cold areas and served this purpose well.

Many people also wonder about the unusual name of UGG footwear and why these boots were given that name. There is an interesting story behind this. You will be surprised to know that “UGG” is actually a slang term for the word “ugly”. This unusual and sarcastic name became really popular with people. In fact, this jargon also contributed to the rise in popularity of UGG boots. This is the reason why after so many decades they are still known as UGG boots.

UGG boots have a fairly eminent history, as they were given a new nickname of FUGG boots (Flying UGG footwear) in the late 1930s. This is because they were used in large numbers by pilots who wore these shoes. while flying high to keep their feet warm and cozy. Despite their unpleasant appearance, they became famous over time due to the protection and defense they provide against the cold. They became popular due to their function and many ordinary farmers, workers, and other people could be seen across Australia wearing UGG footwear in cold weather.

UGG footwear became a fashion symbol in the 1960s and this was because people of that time were enthusiastic and passionate about surfing and UGG footwear provided great comfort and warmth for their feet after returning from surfing in cold waters. Young surfers from around the world showed great interest in UGG footwear in the second half of the 20th century. This became the reason for the great demand for UGG footwear. This also sparked a new fad in the late ’60s and these boots became a youth favorite. All types of UGG footwear became popular, but UGG sheepskin boots were the most popular of the lot.

Although some of the manufacturers call these boots sheepskin boots, people around the world still know them as UGG boots. The story behind these boots and their unusual name is so old that it is highly unlikely that people will ever leave that name. This name is still liked by young and old who don’t even know the real reason behind the name given to these UGG boots.

In recent years, these boots have gained popularity again because some of the celebrities and public figures are seen wearing UGG boots.