Do Polarized Sunglasses Block Blue Light?

The primary source of blue light is the sun. However, it can also come from LED lamps, fluorescent bulbs, computers, and smartphones. Blue light has been found to possess several benefits. It is known to elevate the mood, boosting alertness, and helping with cognition. Blue light helps in regulating your sleep and wake cycle. Studies also show that blue light plays a critical role in the development of the eyes and vision of children.

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Blue Light Sunglasses

While blue light has all the mentioned benefits, it has its own set of cons. Overexposure to blue light could actually lead to the premature aging of the eyes. The main effects of blue light are:

1. Retina damage

Extensive exposure to blue light can lead to damage to retina cells. This causes a myriad of other eye issues such as age-related macular degeneration. Macular degeneration refers to blurred vision at the center of the visual field or no vision at all.

2. Digital eye strain

Prolonged exposure to blue light can also lead to digital eyestrain. The condition is characterized by difficulty in focusing, irritation of the eyes, and soreness. This is usually caused by digital devices such as computers and smartphones.

Since prolonged exposure to blue light is what brings about all the mentioned issues, the most effective way to prevent eye damage is by avoiding blue light. One of the ways is by reducing the amount of time you spend on computer screens and smartphones. Using screen filters on your digital devices and wearing polarized sunglasses will help.

Pereless Sunglasses and protection against blue light

Contrary to what most people think, regular sunglasses will not protect you from blue light, and neither will tinted glass. Blue light can easily filter into the lenses and go right to your retina. However, polarized lenses can do the job perfectly.

Pereless Sunglasses are made with polarized lenses which provide your eyes with the protection they need from blue light. These glasses are also ideal for boaters and recreational fishers as they allow you to see below the surface of the water, hence maneuver safely.

How do they work?

Polarized lenses have a vertical design that prevents the horizontally reflected light from reaching the retina and causing harm. Polarized lenses also reduce glare, which makes your eyes more comfortable by eliminating strain during prolonged exposure to sunlight.

One of the things that cause digital strain is the fact that digital devices decrease contrast. Polarized lenses work differently as they provide clarity, visual acuity, and contrast, eliminating digital eyestrain. Note that polarized sunglasses UV rays.

Where to get polarized glasses

Polarized sunglasses are available at numerous locations. Pereless sunglasses can be bought online, and you can get your 4–7 days after you have placed your order. The glasses also come with live contract shipping protection that covers lost, broken, or stolen items. Pereless sunglasses come in a variety of designs and styles for men and women that will blend with your style and at the same time, protect your eyes from premature aging.

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